Guelph Schmoozers

An informal social group for Jewish adults who want to share holidays, special occasions, culture and education, fun and food.

The Shabbatniks: Monthly Vegetarian Shabbat Potluck

at Three Willows Church, 577 Willow, Willow Grove Room


Dates planned are: Fridays: Oct. 18th, Nov. 15th, Dec. 20th.


Loose start time is 5:15 pm.  Please see the Guelph Schmoozers Facebook Page for further details.

Attention Schmoozers!  Here is our tentative schedule for the 2019-2020 program year.  


Some have a choice of dates, so if you intend to host that event, please let us know which date works best:  Your convenience is the priority. 


Here's the schedule:

Oct. 9 (Wednesday):  Yom Kippur Yizkor self-service and break-the-fast.  

Nov. 23 or 16 (Saturday):  Game Nite & Dessert Potluck.  Need a host.  Max. 15 maybe 20 people, need space to set up 2-3 board games & a counter or large table for desserts, plates and drinks.  

Dec. 22 or 29 (Sunday):  Chanukah party.  First candle night is Sunday, Dec. 22nd.  

January 19 (Sunday)??: Musicale - an afternoon of song.  

February 22 or 15: Jewish Filmfest with pizza intermission.  

FYI:  Purim is Tuesday, March 10, if anyone wants to create anything
FYI:  Passover 1st night is Wednesday, April 8
June/early July, a Sunday afternoon:  6th annual (celebrating 5 years!) BBQ/potluck/meeting.  Anyone volunteering can name their dates.

Live in the Guelph region? We'd love to see you at our next event!

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