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*Please Note: UJA Directs these Donations to WRJCC  

The WRJCC prides itself on connecting Jewish people in Waterloo Region to their Community, regardless of their affiliation, observances, or place of origin. We bring people together at events like the Walk for Israel, our annual Picnic in the Park, and holiday-themed events. We also facilitate monthly socials!

We know that there are lots of organizations and charities asking for your money, so we avoid charging for events as much as possible. But right now, we could use your support. 

If it's not financially feasible for you to support the WRJCC, that's okay, we understand, and you are always still welcome at our events! But if you can donate, please do. It means we can continue to keep our community connected both digitally and in-person.  

Thank you for your support, your donations, and your ongoing enthusiasm for the Waterloo Region Jewish Community Council. 


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