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Chesed Committee

Kindness Committee

The Chesed (Kindness) Committee of WRJCC seeks to strengthen our Jewish community by creating a network of mutual assistance. We provide support and practical help for a variety of life cycle events and challenges of everyday life.  If you or your family needs help; for joyous occasions such as births, during difficult times of illness or loss, or even at trying times in daily living, we are here for you.


Some things we do….

- Hospital, home, or nursing home visits

- Transportation to medical appointments

- Prepared meals  

- A refuah shlema prayer for healing announcement at services (with prior permission)

- Other needed support 

Requests will always be met with confidentiality, respect, and compassion.


Please reach out using the contact form below to request assistance, share information about a friend or a loved one, or to volunteer.


A little help will go a long way, so please consider becoming a volunteer to support our Chesed Committee and the community. Time commitment can be flexible.

Contact the Chesed Committee

Thanks for submitting!

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